Neal began his investing career by taking a chance on a young founder who had a compelling story and a commitment to see it through. Even though the company was outside of the technology industry, Neal was so impressed with the passion and determination of the founder, that he became a personal investor. That company was Starbucks.

Since then, he and his partners have achieved over 30 IPOs and over $3 billion in returns. While he's become a Silicon Valley legend for investing in some of the most well-known tech companies of all time, Neal now focuses on giving back - through seed and angel investing, teaching, mentoring others, and acting as a board member.

Neal spends his time between his home in California, visiting Seattle (the home of his alma mater, the University of Washington), or travelling the world.

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Focus areas


Passionate about supporting unique ventures, Neal seeks out innovation that happens in unexpected places around the globe—and he’s always looking for more.


Giving back is a cornerstone of Neal’s investing philosophy. Attributing much of his success to receiving help and support from others financially and otherwise, Neal spends much of his time giving back.


A traveller and explorer of new places and experiences. Neal spends much of his free time going beyond the ordinary, experiencing unique people, places, and journeys.

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Looking ahead

Neal is currently still engaged with the investment world, focusing more on seed and angel investment for compelling founders and ideas. He's also actively involved with a number of community projects, mentoring students, and supporting businesses he represents as a board member.

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Neal Dempsey
Managing General Partner, Bay Partners
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