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Roadmap to an IPO – Part 6

April 25, 2015 - Author: admin

In the final episode of my IPO Roadmap series, Joe Spivens and Spivens, Inc. finally go public at the New York Stock Exchange.  But there are still more lessons to learn.  The journey isn’t over quite yet.

You can relive every episode here:

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Roadmap to an IPO – Part 5

- Author: admin

In part 5 of the Roadmap to the IPO, Joe Spivens and Sally Hyde of Spivens, Inc. go on the IPO roadshow.  The investors have tons of tough questions for them. However, sometimes a great speaker becomes not so great in stressful moments.  Joe and Sally figure out how to better navigate the IPO Roadshow.

If you want to watch the entire series at once, you can view it here:

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